Things to do in Charlevoix, Michigan

Two years ago, eightyfive MILES was founded as a Great Lakes inspired clothing and accessories company with a mission to educate, conserve and celebrate one of the world’s amazing natural resources. One of the greatest things about this state is that you’re no more than 85 miles from a Great Lake, but in certain places, you’re lucky to be even closer.  

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It is time for action.

During the short existence of eightyfive MILES, our mission has been laser-focused: Conserve. Educate. Celebrate. We are dedicated to protecting and celebrating the Great Lakes and Michigan’s natural resources. We’ve written about it in our blogs and pledged to contribute 1% of our sales to organizations such as Alliance for the Great Lakes and Michigan League of Conservation Voters because they share our beliefs and work hard to fight bad policies in Lansing. 

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Enjoy Casting a Fishing Line? Then Cast Your Vote!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 could be the most important election in our lifetime, if not in US history. Most of us get that because we’re watching the news and scrolling through Twitter. We get that our votes matter. What we may not get is how we vote could significantly impact our precious Great Lakes…for better or for worse.

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Even More Uses For Your Reusable Bags

The popularity of reusable bags is increasing rapidly which helps reduce plastic use across the nation. Maybe you have a large collection of reusable bags that sit in the car or closet until the next trip to the grocery store because of this. Here is a quick hit list of how you can reuse your bags all year round.

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