Enjoy Casting a Fishing Line? Then Cast Your Vote!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018 could be the most important election in our lifetime, if not in US history. Most of us get that because we’re watching the news and scrolling through Twitter. We get that our votes matter. What we may not get is how we vote could significantly impact our precious Great Lakes…for better or for worse.

The Great Lakes contain more than 80 percent of North America’s surface water supply; make up the largest body of fresh water on Earth; and account for one-fifth of the freshwater surface on the planet: six quadrillion gallons. The Great Lakes are so large that their combined shoreline is almost half as big as the circumference of our earth.

The reality is, in this day and age, and political climate too, how we vote on November 6th impacts the real threats facing our Great Lakes, including:

• Invasive species

• Failing water infrastructure

• Harmful algal blooms

• Agricultural pollution

These threats have the potential to negatively affect over 40 million people who depend on the Great Lakes for drinking water and over 3,500 species of plants and animals inhabiting them. From national parks and gigantic waterfalls, to quaint beach resorts and art galleries, to world-renowned fishing spots and endless water sports…the Great Lakes support recreation, a booming tourism industry, and life. On November 6, we have the opportunity to safeguard our Great Lakes by voting for political leaders who will champion for clean water laws and push for stronger, environmental protections.

Two great websites, to get up to speed on local candidates and their stances on issues important to you, are BallotReady and Ballotpedia. Another resource to check out is from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. Their Legislative Scorecard identifies Lansing politicians who supported protecting the health of our communities by tackling the big issues facing Michigan’s land, air, and water.

Know who’s on your ballot, make informed decisions, and cast your VOTE!

Brian Schwartz