Even More Uses For Your Reusable Bags


The popularity of reusable bags is increasing rapidly which helps reduce plastic use across the nation. Maybe you have a large collection of reusable bags that sit in the car or closet until the next trip to the grocery store because of this. Here is a quick hit list of how you can reuse your bags all year round.

Farmers Market Bag – Stock up while you can!

Most reusable totes are larger and sturdier than a plastic grocery bag, making them the perfect item to bring along when you are grabbing fresh produce at the last few market trips.  

Back to School Bag – A place for textbooks, snacks and more…

Let your kids sport an important message about reducing, reusing and recycling at school!

Gift Bags – Skip one-time use wrapping paper.

Try a fun reusable tote and fill with homemade treats, a nice note, and an eightyfivemiles.com gift card! Wrapping paper is NOT recyclable – this article explains the environmental damage and offers additional alternatives.

Stockings – Ditch the socks this year and opt for a fun alternative.

Reusable totes are much larger than the average stocking and you can always find a perfect winter themed bag.

Spring Cleaning Bag – Sort and stash in style.

Use your collection of reusable bags to assist you in spring-cleaning.

Picnic Bag – The fun alternative to the picnic basket.

Make sure to leave the park looking better than when you arrived!

Beach Bag – Relax knowing you are using a reusable bag instead of plastic!

Pack your bag with stainless steel or glass water bottles, snacks with no wrapper (fruit is great), and reusable utensils.

Camp Bag – A day bag for your child.

Perfect for kids to have everyday camp essentials in an easy to access place.

If you’re looking to add to your reusable tote collection, grab a Wipe Your Bottom Tote at eightyfivemiles.com. Our tote is 100% organic cotton that is larger than a grocery bag and outfitted with an inside pocket for small storage. $1 dollar of your purchase goes to your choice of The Alliance for the Great Lakes or Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

Brian SchwartzComment