Giving back

Eightyfive Miles cares about you and the world in which we live and we've built Eightyfive Miles around those principles.  For that reason, we're completely committed to giving back to our great state and protecting the waters that make it so special.  There's a reason they're called the Great Lakes! 


Doing what's right...

At Eightyfive Miles, the story behind the business idea was Michigan resident's proximity to our Great Lakes.  We cherish the water,  beaches, dunes, and miles upon miles of amazing coastline. We are not only in business to make a profit but also to make sure our children and future generations can enjoy the Great Lakes as much as we have throughout our lives. The best gift to the next generation is leaving them with the same natural beauty that we've enjoyed.

We don't believe that there's a conflict between making profits and doing what's right.  In fact, we think that there's an amazing synergy between the two.  Doing what's right shouldn't be a mandate, but rather what's good for our world.  As a result, we pledge to donate 1% of our sales to Great Lakes conservation and preservation.  If you have fun and enjoy our products as much as we do, then you're making a difference too.