Good stuff

While we live in a global world, we're doing our part to not only market fun products for you, but to make sure we are doing it in a socially repsonsible manner.  You can count on Eightyfive Miles to only bring the good stuff to you. 


Because it's right

Eightyfive Miles works with distributors based in the USA and our goal is to offer as many products as possible that are made in the USA.  As a matter of fact, our design work, marketing, and printing are all done in West Michigan, where we are headquartered.  

And, Eightyfive Miles is dedicated to fair labor practices and to protecting the human rights of all individuals who take part in the manufacturing of our products.  Knowing that it's a tall order to have full local control of a supply chain, we've decided that it's important that our apparel manufacturers have the same social and ethical standards as does our company.  As such, we make every effort possible make sure our sources of apparel are WRAP certified.  "WRAP was formed out of the desire to create an independent and objective body to help apparel and footwear factories around the world verify that they are operating in compliance with local laws and internationally-accepted standards of ethical workplace practices."   (For more info visit