Don’t Move a Mussel T-Shirt - White

Don’t Move a Mussel T-Shirt - White

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Spread the message of invasive zebra mussels with this super soft, fitted short-sleeve T-shirt made from 50% organic cotton/50% recycled polyester and plastic. Eco-friendly and responsibly made in the U.S.A. to help keep plastic water bottles out of landfills. For every purchase you make, $1 is donated to your choice of Alliance for the Great Lakes or the Michigan League of Conservation Voters to fight the spread of invasive zebra mussels in our Great Lakes. Nasty zebra mussels are endangering our food chain and water quality. Do your part by cleaning your watercrafts and trailers before leaving the lake so zebra mussel hitchhikers can’t spread to other bodies of water.

NOTE: The yarn is comprised of a variety of recycled bottles. This makes it difficult to get consistent lots of fabric, and there may be some slight color imperfections and variances between shirts. THESE ARE FITTED SHIRTS, SO IF YOU LIKE YOUR SHIRT LOOSER, PLEASE ORDER A SIZE LARGER.

85 Miles Facts

  • There are trillions of invasive mussels in each Great Lake. 

  • Zebra mussels consume plankton that fish need.

  • Invasive mussel waste fuels algae that carries toxins and bacteria.

  • Water treatment plant pipes are clogged with invasive mussels.

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